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About Us

The Alliant Alliance (A+ Team) is wholly owned by Information International Associates (IIa) and created for the sole purpose of marketing, executing, and growing the GSA Alliant SB program. We understand the importance of this contract both to GSA and the need for future growth by increasing Task Orders under Alliant SB. We have committed the necessary resources in a dedicated organization designed to focus our JV exclusively on Alliant SB. We possess a depth of resources, providing customers with the full range of services required to support Alliant SB

Information International Associates, Inc.:

Founded in 1988, IIa is woman-owned, small business, registered by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 20000:2011 and known for providing innovative solutions and award-winning performance to the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, the Nuclear Regulator Agency, the US Patent and Trademark office, and other federal agencies. The company provides the full range of information technology, information management, and data exploitation services in both classified and unclassified environments. IIa’s approximately 200 staff members work throughout the U.S. and in Europe and receive ongoing citations for performance excellence from IIa’s government clients.

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